About us

We know what to do

Going about our activities in the age of the information society and the knowledge-based economy, we are all too aware of how important it is for businesses to have the support of a law firm and attorneys with both broad experience and specialist knowledge which they work every day to expand.

Because we are also entrepreneurs, we know very well what challenges modern businesses of all shapes and sizes face.

The expertise in new technologies law, e-commerce, implementation of ICT systems, including those based on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, protection of personal data and privacy, energy law and civil law, and proceedings guarantee the highest quality of legal assistance provided by our Law Firm.

Your success is our success

We conduct seminars and lectures for both lawyers and business. In addition, we are proud of our dozens of academic publications in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, electronic commerce, electronic identification, e-signature, privacy and data protection.

In our everyday work we use electronic communication tools adapted to the needs of our clients, ensuring we are always available to provide timely service and access to data from virtually anywhere in the world.

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Solving problems through education

We attend many conferences, conduct trainings, publish articles on the most interesting aspects of new technologies law, Artificial Intelligence, paperless, electronic documents and signatures, intellectual property law and Blockchain.

We are also experts on transmission easement and related legal issues.

We invite you to browse around our webpage and to read the latest news on our LinkedIn.