Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

We offer legal support for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain implementation projects, incl. in terms of:

  • legal advice on personal and non-personal data for learning algorithms;
  • verification of compliance of AI systems with EU regulations on responsibility and ethics;
  • good practices in the application of ML/AI;
  • use of blockchain to secure documents and transactions;
  • developing the concept of using tokens representing rights or property values ​​(in blockchain technology);
  • legal support in the field of operations on the cryptocurrency market;
  • consulting in the field of creating smart contracts and the concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

We combine scientific and practical aspects in the implementation of projects, gaining our experience through cooperation with international corporations and scientific institutes, in particular as part of the implementation of Horizon 2020 projects and works for the European Commission.

Partners of our Law Firm – Gabriela Bar and Dariusz Szostek participate in the work of international institutions dealing with AI and Blockchain.