IT system deployment

Today, practically every business employs computer systems – whether simple programmes for recording stock levels or expansive systems for managing processes in capital groups. With the support of our law firm, you will be better prepared to avoid legal exposure associated with the deployment and operation of IT systems. Our services include:

  • development of legal conceptions for computerization of enterprises and conducting deployment of IT systems in accordance with relevant regulations;
  • preparation of software licensing agreements, contracts for software provision in the SaaS/IaaS models, contracts for deployment of IT systems, outsourcing and maintenance contracts, guarantee and service contracts;
  • drafting of documentation securing intangible and legal valuables as well as intellectual property;
  • consulting in matters of innovative legal solutions for trade in software: licensing of software in capital groups, Software as a Service (SaaS), Application Service Providing (ASP), leasing of copyright, rental of equipment containing installed software, leasing and similar forms of financing software acquisition.