Other areas of expertise

Legal services for enterprises operating on regulated markets, particularly transmission service operators:

  • assessment of exposure related to lack of legal title to possession of equipment on property belonging to third-parties;
  • assessment of claims for removal or reconstruction of equipment;
  • acquiring legal title to possession of transmission infrastructure in new investments;
  • valuation of transmission easements;
  • conducting litigation for establishing transmission easements.

Matters of family and inheritance law:

  • consulting in matters of optimizing a family’s legal situation;
  • representation in case concerning divorce, separation, maintenance, contact with children, assignment of parental authority, incapacitation, division of joint estate;
  • representation in matters of probate;
  • conducting enforcement proceedings in matters of family law.       

Consulting in matters of receivables trading:

  • examining legal status of receivables, including those secured by mortgage, and valuation (due diligence),
  • assessment of security of receivables,
  • drafting contracts for assignment of receivables,
  • organizing and conducting closings, including transfer of security to the new creditor.

Corporate law services:

  • creation of new commercial entities (primarily capital companies);
  • splits, mergers, conversions and liquidations of companies;
  • drafting corporate documents (articles of association, resolutions);
  • legal assistance during general meetings;
  • examining the legal status of enterprises;
  • preparing transactions for the sale of enterprises in whole or in part;
  • negotiation, drafting and review of contracts concluded as part of an enterprise’s activities;
  • consulting in matters of labour relations, including managerial contracts;
  • consulting in matters of day-to-day functioning of an enterprise.

Public procurement:

  • service of tenders involving IT orders;
  • drafting of IT contracts concluded within public procurement proceedings;
  • drafting of Terms of Reference and other tender documentation.

Our law firm also provides specialized seminars and training courses. We offer practical training for enterprises in the following areas:

  • Legal aspects of e-commerce;
  • New consumer law and electronic commerce;
  • Legal requirements concerning webpages;
  • Civil law contracts in commerce;
  • Cloud data storage contracts;
  • Security of commercial transactions – securing performance of a contract, securing receivables;
  • Issues related to concluding contracts (offer, auction, negotiation, form of juridical act, consequences of failure to observe required form of a juridical act);
  • Contracts in international commerce (relevant law, jurisdiction);
  • Legal aspects of e-Administration;
  • How to protect your family from exposure resulting from the business activity of a family member?;
  • Identification of entities in electronic commerce (electronic signature, electronic stamp, legal aspects);
  • Electronic provision of services (legal aspects);
  • Electronic payment (e-money, bitcoin, Electronic Payment Instruments Act).